Radio Reading Service of Eastern North Carolina
Radio Reading Service of Eastern North Carolina

Board of Directors:


Barbara Hansen, President New Bern, NC Board Member since 1992






Dr. Charles Moore, Vice President Greenville, NC Board member since 04/21/2011  


Sonja Hopkins, Secretary/Treasurer New Bern, NC Board member since 04/21/2011



Board Members:


Earl G. Hansen (Jerry) New Bern, NC Board Member since 07/26/07


Lori Brault, Social Worker for the Blind Board member since 2008


Macon Dail (Voice of Amercia), Technical Assistance, Greenville, NC Board member since 10/15/08 


Jim Richardson, Volunteer Reader Bridgeton, NC Board member since 10/15/2008


Nell Garner, Volunteer Reader Greenville, NC Board Member since 7/21/2011


Wanda Toler, Listener Ernul, NC Board member since 4/24/2014


Norma Judd, Volunteer Reader Schedule Coordinator New Bern, NC Board member since 10/23/2014


Charles Wethington Ex-officio Board Member Public Radio East, WTEB Craven Community College New Bern, NC



New Bern Volunteer Staff:


Norma Judd, Schedule Coordinator


Carol Brooks, Volunteer Trainer


Al Cannon, Engineer Digity Media, NC, New Bern Studio, Webmaster


Greenville Volunteer Staff:


Ann Joseph, Office Assistant


Walter Smith, Schedule Coordinator


Macon Dail, Technical Assistance


Leroy Tyndall, Technical Assistance


Jake Postma, Manager Public Access TV, Technical Assistance

Radio Reading Service Needs Volunteers

NC Division of Services for the Blind
NC Dept of Health and Human Services
NC Assoc of Radio Services
NC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
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